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DO NOT go to this website, unless you want to be totally ripped off on a

monthly basis!! If you are looking for an address, telephone number,

or trying to locate a long lost friend or relative, this is not the place to go to!

You will be guided to a form where your

credit or debit card information will be taken.  You will be told that “for only

$1.99″ they can help you locate whomever you are trying to find!

BEWARE, BEWARE, BEWARE! There are hidden terms and long contractual

agreements that one can not see! The print is very small. It is impossible to read.

One thinks that it is only a one time transaction!

Well, guess what, you are wrong, it is a PERMANENT transaction for life!

If you are a Senior Citizen like the writer of this post, you will not

be able to read anything –

Their “contract” (which you do not even know you are signing)

reads that within 3 days you must cancel it, or PERMANENTLY be liable for a

monthly charge of $24.99 each and every month!

This contract goes no where! What is it for? Who knows? Who needs their services on

an ongoingbasis? Surely not I, . . . .do you need these services?

What is even worse, I had an investigation ongoing by my bank to investigate these charges

– and I LOST!. . .  My banks (Wells Fargo) said that according to the contract that I signed on line,

I can be zapped (for funds) over and over again for the rest of my life!

Oh,Wells Fargo did call these scam artists and now they claim that this charge will not go on

and on, but as far as any sort of protection by Wells Fargo, well that is a joke too!

They do not stand up for their account holders! They have been allowing one of the world’s

biggest scam artists to rip off their customers, and there is no recourse!

The Bottom line to this post is this: DO NOT USE ANY DEBIT CARD ON LINE!

-Purchasing anything on line  is very dangerous!  DO NOT TRUST

your bank to come to your rescue! – If is it Wells Fargo Bank, DO NOT TRUST them at all!

Oh line theft is at an all time high. These new “Cybercrooks” will rob you for sure!